three tips for your perfect {bikini body}


With summer just a few short weeks away, you’re probably starting to think about getting beach ready. There has been a lot of hype lately surrounding body image, ranging from extreme diets to renouncing the idea of a ‘bikini body’ entirely. But the answer doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other; it’s all about feeling great, so here are three tips to getting your perfect bikini body. View Post


DSC_1267 (1)

Sick, I know. These things are not fun to deal with and probably even less fun to look at, but I’d like to offer a solution! European Wax Center has a line of exfoliators, serums, and lotions to combat this unsightly issue, and I swear by them. Here’s the skinny: View Post

prep, prime {& set}


A lot of girls miss this essential first step in their beauty routine not realizing that it is one of the most important steps and should never be skipped. Preparing the face for makeup is just as essential to your look as your foundation or blush. Skipping this step can leave your skin looking flawed and cause your makeup to wear off quickly. Here’s how you prepare your skin for your makeup application: View Post

diy {lemon scrub}


Last night I made a delicious lemon body scrub and I am so obsessed with the results it gave my skin that I thought I’d share my recipe with you! You’d be surprised how much money you could save on exfoliators if you just made them yourself with nothing more than a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. View Post