quick tip {seasons changing}

It’s important to remember that as the weather changes, so do the needs of your skin. It may be time to trade in your moisturizer for something a little more hydrating or go one shade lighter on your foundation–you don’t want to look two-toned. You may notice your lips beginning to chap so this is the perfect time to get your hands on a good lip scrub: sara happ makes a great one. Remember though, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be wearing SPF, so make sure to keep that in your skincare routine year round.

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diy {bloody manicure}

This Halloween I decided to give myself a spooky manicure: nails dripping in blood. What started out as an experiment turned out to actually be awesome and relatively easy to achieve, so I thought I’d share the steps for creating these hauntingly fabulous nails.

Y O U   W I L L   N E E D
neutral nail polish | red nail polish | dark red nail polish | top coat | toothpick

  1. Paint your nails a neutral color. For mine, I used two coats of Essie Limo-scene.
  2. On a palette (a paper plate or a plastic cup will work) spill a quarter sized amount of red polish. With a toothpick, pick up a good amount of color and dab it onto your nail, about half way down. Carefully drag the color up to the tip of the nail. Repeat this step as you see fit.
  3. Drag the red nail polish across the tips of your nails, french manicure style. By no means does this have to be perfect; in fact, it should be a little messy.
  4. With a dark red polish, take your toothpick and create dimension in some (not all) of the blood spots, and randomly across the tips of your nails.
  5. Let this dry well, and then apply your top coat to seal it all in.

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Trick or treat!

motd {gala glam}

Wednesday night I attended Bronx Lebanon’s annual fundraising gala. I don’t think I’ve gone gown shopping since prom, so I was pretty thrilled and only mildly stressed while looking for one. I decided the perfect place to shop for a gorgeous, unique evening gown was Reve Boutique in Englewood, NJ where they carry gorgeous gowns, exquisite party dresses, and really cute (and affordable!) casual daytime attire. I only tried on two gowns before falling in love with this black Holt dress. Needless to say, I left with more than I came in for, but I am very happy with my purchases. Continue reading “motd {gala glam}”

j’adore {nuxellence jeunesse}

Okay, okay, don’t go crazy; I can’t pronounce it either, which doesn’t matter because this product has left me speechless. I am a huge fan of Nuxe, an all natural brand from France, so when they came out with Nuxellence I had to give it a try. This fluid has a soft floral scent that smells incredible and isn’t too overpowering. It glides onto the skin lightly leaving behind no oil or grease and it feels like my skin is really drinking in the formula, rather than just sitting on top. A youth and radiance revealing fluid, this product will compliment any other anti-aging product you use (making it twice as effective) while brightening and evening skin tone. Continue reading “j’adore {nuxellence jeunesse}”