nightly {routine}

If you’re looking for gorgeous skin, it’s all about getting your nighttime routine just right. Your skin cells regenerate during sleep when the healing process is sped up, so allowing the skin to properly breathe and heal is essential. But what products should you be using exactly for maximum results? Here’s our Friday Five for your nightly routine, plus one of our old school beauty secrets: Continue reading “nightly {routine}”

how to {clean your makeup brushes}

I feel like this is an aspect of our makeup routine that is lost on far too many people. The fact of the matter is our makeup brushes are filled with old makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria, so cleaning them regularly is essential. A dirty brush can make our makeup application look flawed; it can even lead to breakouts and spread infections. Replacing makeup brushes can get expensive, but with regular maintenance, our brushes can last for years and keep our skin healthy and glowing. Continue reading “how to {clean your makeup brushes}”

the perfect {makeup bag}

I’m constantly on the move, so for me having a transportable makeup solution is essential. I’ve gone through several different types of cosmetics bags, but I can finally say that I have found the case that works perfectly for me and my lifestyle as an everyday makeup organizer. In the past, I’ve spent far too much time packing and unpacking my makeup, and now, I have a bag that allows me to easily navigate through it so I’m not digging around in search of something. Plus, it fits easily in almost all of my purses. Continue reading “the perfect {makeup bag}”