chamomile {tea bath}

It’s often hard at the end of the day to completely unwind from the stresses of our day. Personally, I love to relax with a nice cup of tea right before bed; I find it calming and soothing. But for those of you who need a little extra, I recommend taking a chamomile tea bath. You all know how much I love to drink tea, so I’m thrilled to let you know that using tea and essential oils in a bath has endless benefits as well, both cosmetically and spiritually. Continue reading “chamomile {tea bath}”

diy {bloody manicure}

This Halloween I decided to give myself a spooky manicure: nails dripping in blood. What started out as an experiment turned out to actually be awesome and relatively easy to achieve, so I thought I’d share the steps for creating these hauntingly fabulous nails.

Y O U   W I L L   N E E D
neutral nail polish | red nail polish | dark red nail polish | top coat | toothpick

  1. Paint your nails a neutral color. For mine, I used two coats of Essie Limo-scene.
  2. On a palette (a paper plate or a plastic cup will work) spill a quarter sized amount of red polish. With a toothpick, pick up a good amount of color and dab it onto your nail, about half way down. Carefully drag the color up to the tip of the nail. Repeat this step as you see fit.
  3. Drag the red nail polish across the tips of your nails, french manicure style. By no means does this have to be perfect; in fact, it should be a little messy.
  4. With a dark red polish, take your toothpick and create dimension in some (not all) of the blood spots, and randomly across the tips of your nails.
  5. Let this dry well, and then apply your top coat to seal it all in.

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Trick or treat!