red wine {face mask}

Thought red wine was only good for your heart? Think again.

As we know from the Real Housewives of Orange County, red wine contains the stilbenoid Resveratrol which, amongst its other benefits, is said to have anti-aging properties. Who says reality television rots your brain?


But downing a glass (or two, or four) of red wine isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of life’s most magical elixir; you can also apply it to your face and keep your detox days (or skip the detox all together).

Y O U  W I L L  N E E D

1 cup of plain yogurt
2 tbsp of honey
3-4 tbsp of red wine (dealer’s choice)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. You may want to heat up the honey a bit so it’s easier to stir in. Apply the mixture to your face, pour yourself a glass of wine (hey, the bottle is already open!) and relax for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and finish off with your favorite moisturizer. Save the rest in a travel size container and refrigerate. 

Yogurt acts as a great moisturizer while honey can help control blemishes and redness. The best part? No longer do you have to feel guilty for cracking open a bottle of cab alone on a weeknight. Hallelujah!


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