what you should know about {parabens}

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about parabens in our beauty products and how they are harmful to our bodies, but do you really know why? Sure, you’ll opt for the paraben-free label if it’s glaring at you on the shelf, but you aren’t tossing your half-used bottle of body lotion over nothing. But is it really nothing?

What’s a paraben? A paraben is a popular preservative used in beauty products to keep them from growing bacteria and to ensure they last longer on our shelves.

That doesn’t sound so bad. What’s the big deal? While it may be comforting to know that your year-old lotion hasn’t become a hotbed for bacteria, it’s not as comforting to realize that researchers have found high levels of parabens in cancerous tissue. Some studies even suggest that parabens could actually be the cause of certain cancers. While no concrete proof exists, we’re thinking better safe than sorry.

The bottom line? While right now there is no black and white answer, there are numerous alternative products on the market containing fewer harsh chemicals that are actually more effective than some of the more mainstream lines (and trust us: parabens aren’t the only harmful ingredient you’ll find). Supporting lines such as Burt’s Bees, Josie Maran, Nuxe, and One Love Organics could keep harmful chemicals in our beauty products from being the norm and will undoubtedly keep you healthy regardless of what today’s research shows.