Sick, I know. These things are not fun to deal with and probably even less fun to look at, but I’d like to offer a solution! European Wax Center has a line of exfoliators, serums, and lotions to combat this unsightly issue, and I swear by them. Here’s the skinny:

Slow It Body Wash: First of all, I would purchase this product for the smell alone which is delicious and totally lingers. It’s a nice exfoliating body wash full of antioxidants and aloe vera for a nice, calming finish. It’s packed with jojoba beads to gently exfoliate, and plenty of nutrients to encourage quick cell regeneration. And bonus: it’s moisturizing. How to apply: gentle, circular motions once a day.

Ingrown Hair Serum: So this product eliminates, treats, and prevents ingrowns and razor burn. Packed with antioxidants, tea tree oils, vitamin E, and lavender, it has both an exfoliating and calming effect, removing dead skin cells and improving hydration. How to apply: for best results, twice daily on dry skin. And you WILL notice results.

Post Waxing Exfoliate: This stuff is kind of magic. It gently exfoliates the skin without those harsh, scratchy beads. How to apply: as needed in a thin layer on dry skin. Allow the product to sit for several seconds before using gentle, circular motions. You’ll notice the exfoliated skin begin to come up (gross, but also cool! I love products that I can actually see working). Wipe with a tissue, rinse with water, and then apply your Ingrown Hair Serum.

They also have a pretty fabulous body lotion that smells incredible.

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