the perfect {makeup bag}

I’m constantly on the move, so for me having a transportable makeup solution is essential. I’ve gone through several different types of cosmetics bags, but I can finally say that I have found the case that works perfectly for me and my lifestyle as an everyday makeup organizer. In the past, I’ve spent far too much time packing and unpacking my makeup, and now, I have a bag that allows me to easily navigate through it so I’m not digging around in search of something. Plus, it fits easily in almost all of my purses.


This bag is called The Weekender ($38) and it’s part of Sephora’s cosmetic bag collection. It has a wrap around zipper to ensure all of my items fit safely and securely in place, and has a hanger for convenience. It opens like a portfolio, with two generous compartments on either side and a center compartment for brushes.


In the left side of my case, I keep my moisturizers, a mini deodorant, makeup remover, primer, foundation, and my larger makeup brushes. These are the items I use first so having them all together helps keep everything organized.



In the centerfold is where I keep my smaller brushes. No real science here, just logically arranged brushes that I use together or for a similar purpose. In the back of the centerfold there is a narrow compartment where I keep skinny cosmetics, like my Naked Basics palette and my Nars highlighter.


In the right compartment, I keep my powders, blush, bronzer, eye shadows, and all other small items I use on a daily basis. Keeping the smaller things together is convenient because I can see everything clearly and don’t have to dig around to get to something I need.


I absolutely adore this case and recommend it to anyone who is constantly on the go.

Have a cosmetic bag you just couldn’t survive without? We want to hear about it!