small ways to reduce {toxins in your home}

I am a big advocate of balance. I do not believe there is one magical way of life that everyone should abide by, and even if there were, how practical would that be? Chances are not very. It’s all about making a lifestyle change, not falling into a fad that is tricky to maintain. There are so many simple and easy changes you can make to better your health, be it what you eat, what your put on your body, or how you care for your home.


Trade in your cleaning supplies. You may already love to eat organic foods, but sticking them on a plate washed by harsh chemicals seems counter productive. I’ve swapped almost all of my cleaning products out for those made with friendlier ingredients. My favorite line is Mrs. Meyer’s; it cleans well and smells amazing (I like the geranium scent), plus it doesn’t leave my home covered in a layer of harsh chemicals. Dish soap, hand soap, detergent, all purpose cleaners: all have been replaced by cleaner, greener brands.


Pull out your green thumb. Not only do plants perk up your mood, they also help purify the air in your home.  An aloe plant or a jade tree are both low maintenance and the perfect pick for the horticultural novice. Display them in your windows, by the television, or in your bedroom for a happier, healthier home.


Check your shoes at the door. You wouldn’t walk around barefoot on the street, so why would you want to drag outdoor dirt around your home? Keep a basket by the door to toss shoes into as your come home and always keep your slippers handy!

How do you keep the toxins out of your home? Leave a comment or send us a tweet!