j’adore {nuxellence jeunesse}

Okay, okay, don’t go crazy; I can’t pronounce it either, which doesn’t matter because this product has left me speechless. I am a huge fan of Nuxe, an all natural brand from France, so when they came out with Nuxellence I had to give it a try. This fluid has a soft floral scent that smells incredible and isn’t too overpowering. It glides onto the skin lightly leaving behind no oil or grease and it feels like my skin is really drinking in the formula, rather than just sitting on top. A youth and radiance revealing fluid, this product will compliment any other anti-aging product you use (making it twice as effective) while brightening and evening skin tone.

What I’ve noticed: my skin is softer, my complexion has evened out a bit, redness is starting to lessen, and my face feels firmer.

How to use: I’m so in love I’ve been using this twice a day, but I recommend using the fluid at night when your cells are most active. I’ve also been using this before my makeup application as a primer, so it’s definitely multi-functional.

This product is pretty pricey, but skin care products will last you a while. It runs for about $75, so if you’re not convinced, pick up a sample and test it out before you commit (which you totally will).

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