what’s in my {bag}

It’s not exactly a secret that I tote around a lot in my bag since I’m constantly on the run, so here’s a little peek inside!

I purchased my wallet during my semester abroad when I went to visit friends in Madrid, and I have to say it’s the perfect wallet. Classic and sleek, this wallet holds everything I need with plenty of cases for cards and IDs. I like to carry stamps in here as well as some little inspirational charms to keep me surrounded with good positive energy.


When I replaced my iPhone last year (totally dropped it, sans case, wound up with a shattered screen. oops), I was shocked to find such an adorable case in the apple store. Kate Spade makes a bunch of adorable cell accessories to protect your phone and look fabulous while doing it.


You can read more about what I carry in my travel makeup bag here, but I never leave home without this little guy for touch ups and post-workout refreshing. I also always like to carry around a little something for my hair, even if it’s just a mood booster. I love this sea salt beach spray from Treat Beauty–it smells like sweet vanilla and really, really works.

I got my keychain from C. Wonder since I apparently have a thing for pink accessories. I always kind of thought all keychains were created equal, but I love that the texture of this is so recognizable; I can easily pull these out blindfolded. In the dark. While holding a coffee. On a moving train.

As a musician, I am constantly inspired by the world around me, which is why I always carry a place to write it all down. This notebook is filled with lyrics, music, to-do lists, and ideas. Everything in one place which helps me keep my outpouring of thoughts completely organized. I also always have a pen on me; I know we live in the digital age, but you never know when you’re gonna need one.


I absolutely adore beats headphones. The sound quality is amazing and they fit comfortably in my ears. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the apple headphones really bother my ears, even the fancy new ones they recently redesigned. I highly recommend making this purchase, especially if you’re a music junkie like me.


A little card case is perfect for business cards, gift cards, coins, earrings–just about anything that will get lost in the bottom of your bag never to be seen again. And it’s great to have handy for throwing your credit card and ID in when you switch your purse for a night out!

And of course, I never go anywhere without a cute pair of shades.

What do you carry in your bag?

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